Our Infatuation with Kinto Serveware

Kinto highlights the luminous beauty of coffee


The coffee ritual is a prized time in one’s day. 

In our shops, we serve our drip coffee, which we like drinking black, in a translucent glass. When you hold a glass mug of coffee, you can see its color variations and its luminosity.

With the help of our friends at Kinto, we’re delighted that we can now offer you the same experience, only for use at home. 

The metaphor of transparency isn’t a metaphor with these cups. You’re seeing the coffee. We go to great lengths to find the most delicious, interesting coffees. We want our process to be transparent at every level—from sourcing, to roasting, to drinking. It’s beautiful to really see your coffee. 
— James Freeman

Internationally renowned for its modern tableware, Kinto creates everyday objects that embody what it calls “lifelong design.” In other words, timeless objects that will never fall out of fashion.

We worked with Kinto to refine the dimensions of our custom Carafe, which we use on every coffee bar in the U.S. and Tokyo. The carafes had to be just the right height, so they would be comfortable for our baristas to use. 

When you are in line at a Blue Bottle Coffee, you can see the performance of pour-over preparation in action. The baristas are locked in concentration as the steaming water pours from the kettle, in a spiral configuration, over the grounds. It is a methodical, sensorial, task.

Our Cup & Saucer Set for Two pairs the elegance and durability of Kinto’s glass mugs with warm maple wood saucers. Both carafe and cups enhance the beauty of your morning coffee ritual, because, simply put, they let the light in.