We're Open in Shinagawa

A beacon of repose in a bustling Tokyo train station


Nestled within the Shinagawa Train Station, this eponymous cafe exists as a beacon of repose. Japan’s bullet train, the Shinkansen line, makes its second Tokyo stop just a few floors down, and in the frantic morning and evening hours, it often seems as if the only constant is movement. 

We wanted to create a place for quiet pleasure—even if that pleasure only lasts for a few minutes—both for commuters and guests from further away. Located on the third floor, this cafe is a promise of calm, rising above the commotion in shades of luminescent blue. 

Designed by Jo Nagasaka of Schemata, the cafe's interior-facing windows reveal what appears to be a self-illuminating room—the result of the natural grey Kanazawa stone on the floor and vertical surfaces reflecting the light within the cafe. It’s as if the whirl of trains, the bustle of shoppers, and the thousands of miles covered are a distant dream to leave behind. 

Here, we serve our full menu of drip coffee and espresso drinks. A seating area invites guests to linger over pastries, and to prolong the slower tempo of time before rejoining the tides of travelers and shoppers outside.

Shinagawa is open Monday through Friday, 8 am–10 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 10 am–10 pm. We're located at Shinagawa Station, 2-18-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo.