Gifts to Make a Dinner Host Swoon

Say thanks with our holiday coffee collections


An offering for your Thanksgiving host, who will have spent the better half of a day negotiating with a large bird and a small oven, goes a long way after the last slice of pie surreptitiously disappears come midnight. 

There are the classics, like flowers or wine, but our two holiday box sets of single origin coffees—the Ethiopia and Kenya Collections—promise delicious coffee for days to come. 

The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.
— Fred Rogers


Each collection includes three different coffees from famed origin countries

Like variations on a theme, each set is an opportunity to get to know a coffee origin intimately. The prismatic range of Ethiopia’s heirloom indigenous cultivars comes to light because of different processing methods and terroir. Mt. Kenya’s volcanic soil and elevation combine with the country’s distinct wet processing to showcase coffees that are uniquely bright and clear.   


Once you’ve returned to your untouched house the day after Thanksgiving, your Thanksgiving host will have plenty to be grateful for.