Oat Milk at Blue Bottle

Our non-dairy options are chosen with deliciousness in mind.

oat milk

Cream in Your Coffee?

When the famously witty Marquise de Sévigné referred to milky coffee as "the nicest thing in the world" sometime in the seventeenth century, the practice of adding milk to coffee was already hundreds of years old. 

Whether or not you prefer a straightforward cup to this most delicious of pairings, you have to admit that coffee with room is almost as much of a phenomenon as coffee itself. These days, the question is not whether it's good to add milk or cream to your coffee, but what kind is the most perfect complement.

Non-Dairy Alternatives for Coffee

The soaring popularity of non-dairy milk alternatives means that you're unlikely to come across a cafe where at least one isn't on the menu. Soy, almond, cashew, hemp, coconut, and oat milk, as well as sundry other options, are now on the table and behind the bar. While you can no longer take for granted what exactly is going into your Cafe Au Lait, this shift has been a boon for those who for reasons of ethics, dietary restrictions, health, or pure preference eschew cow's milk in favor of something else. Currently, Blue Bottle Coffee offers oat milk as its non-dairy milk alternative.

With Oatly, we have a non-dairy alternative that we can offer at no additional cost to our guests, but that's also delicious. The creaminess of the vegan and gluten-free milk, paired with its relative sustainability compared with milks made from almonds or soy, means it fits in with our values of hospitality, deliciousness, and sustainability, too.