Blue Bottle at Fifteen: A Return to Our Roots

Coming full circle at the Old Oakland Farmers' Market


It goes without saying that without farmers, Blue Bottle wouldn't exist: We rely on their labor and their vision for the delicious coffees that we serve in our cafes every single day. But as indispensable as they are to our mission, it can be easy to overlook yet another invaluable resource they provide.

For most of us, farmers' markets are the only places where the agricultural world, unmediated by corporations and supermarkets, intersects with our daily lives. Without them, our guests would have fewer avenues for purchasing fresh, organic produce for their families; our coffee experts would have one less location in which to expand their sensory lexicons by exposing themselves to unfamiliar flowers, fruits, and spices. Without farmers' markets, it's entirely possible that our founder, James Freeman, wouldn't have had a place to sell his hand-roasted beans when he was starting out back in 2003.

James doesn't pull shots professionally anymore, but old habits die hard. Last Friday, guests from near and far visited the Old Oakland Farmers' Market to stroll in the sunshine, support local farmers, and have the rare opportunity to enjoy hand-crafted coffee made by none other than James (and our Bay Area team of coffee craftspeople). 

For all of you who came out to say hello, we can't thank you enough for making the day so special. Even if you couldn't make it, you can still celebrate with us: For a limited time, our Anniversary Blend, the angelic Alma Viva, is available in our cafes and online.