Your Mocha Has Calories in It

And other tragedies of the modern age


At Blue Bottle, we put a lot of thought into everything we serve. The coffees we source are picked only when perfectly ripe, and we bring this same sense of timing to our food with cafe menus that change with the seasons. We source ingredients that are made sustainably by small producers. Our dairy is organic. We feed you what we feed our families. 

Eating is fundamentally a pleasure. There are some days when just the right bite—or, say, a lovingly prepared cappuccino—can alter the entire course of your day.


With that in mind, we want to announce that, starting in March, our cafes will begin displaying calorie labels in compliance with a mandate from the FDA. We’ll also have additional ingredient information available at every cafe if you want know more about what’s in your scone or fruit buckle.  

If you're worried that 1980’s-style calorie counting is making a comeback (like oversized blazers and leggings), you can put your mind at ease. We aren't trying to encourage self-denial or discourage you from making your own decisions.


This information is just that: information. We hope it's a tool to help you continue fueling your life with our organic and sustainable meals, snacks, and treats. It's our goal to make that fundamental pleasure of eating as delicious as possible.

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