Blue Bottle Holiday Gift Guide: The In-Laws

In-laws are family, too

Whether you acquired them by marriage or just plain good luck, your in-laws are family, too. Below, you'll find a few ideas for celebrating your loved ones from Blue Bottle's collection of seasonal delights.

Oakland Lights

Oakland Lights

Our scrumptious holiday blend is an homage to the city we call home

Like families, blends are what you make of them. Sweet, substantial, and spiced with holiday-inspired notes of candied orange peel and golden plum, this coffee's deliciousness is beautiful, dependable, and utterly unique. 

Holiday Mug

Holiday Mug

This limited-edition Mug was made by Claska in Japan

Not every in-law enjoys coffee (yes, these mystical creatures do exist). Luckily, this cozy Mug is the perfect vessel for every holiday beverage, from cocoa to eggnog.

Indigo Tote + Single Origin Bundle

Indigo Tote + Single Origin Bundle

A handy favorite in one of Japan’s signature hues bundles perfectly with our sensational single origins

Fans of single origins know that a well-sourced coffee is a journey all on its own. Metaphors aside, travelers of all stripes will still need help carrying their belongings. Bundle a tote with one of our single origin collections—like our Kenya or Ethiopia assortments—and rest assured their adventures will be both stylish and delicious. 

Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

The gift of coffee—on their terms

We send our subscribers the world’s finest single origin, blend, and espresso coffees. Give your in-laws the gift of deliciousness, delivered right to their door, plus the power to customize and renew. 

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