The Fellow Stagg™ Mini Pour-Over Kettle

When we're asked, "Form or function?" our response is always, "Yes."


We often compare pour over to meditation because, when done correctly, it's equal parts practice and pleasure. It's one of our all-time favorite ways to prepare coffee, and over the years, we've discovered that if we want to produce the utmost deliciousness, the quality of our tools matters as much as the discipline we put into our pour. 

When we come across others who share this perspective, our enthusiasm naturally knows no bounds. Enter Fellow, Bay Area neighbors who love to nerd out about coffee as much as we do. 

After years of waiting for the right project, we finally got the chance to collaborate on the stunning limited-edition Stagg™ Mini Pour-Over Kettle. Because, like Fellow, when Blue Bottle is asked, "Form or function?" our response is always, "Yes."  

The Stagg™ Mini Pour-Over Kettle

Our exclusive take on Fellow's original pour-over kettle is differentiated by more than just a creamy coat of fog-grey paint. We visited Fellow's workshop/playground in the heart of San Francisco's Mission neighborhood to learn more about this superb piece of coffeeware. 



"This one is more intuitive for a wider range of people because you're not lugging around a giant 1.5 liter kettle that’s glugging water out," says Fellow Brand and Product Manager Hanna McPhee. "Because generally speaking, the heavier the object, the harder it is to gauge how it's going to pour. This kettle is more intuitive—you know how much water is coming out of it based on your own movement." 

Why does pour matter? Because it's one of the major variables in coffee extraction, the process by which the flavors in your coffee are brought out by water during brewing. Consistent, controlled pours produce even extraction, resulting in a coffee at its most delicious. 



"The fluted tip on the top of the spout ensures there's no dripback," says Hanna. "It also allows you to do a pulse pour if you want, which is a delicate, fine-tuned pour popular in Japan."

The shape and structure of the spout works with the size of the kettle to enhance pour precision. With its built-in flow restrictor, "You can achieve as slow a pour as possible, which gives you as much control over your pour as you can," says Hanna. This is particularly helpful when you're doing multiple cups, whether you're making drip coffee for a brunch crew or you're a barista in a busy cafe.

"The volume itself is great for a one-person brew but it's just as functional for baristas who are working at volume," says Fellow Founder Jake Miller.

Though versatile, the Stagg™ Mini Pour-Over Kettle is best for the single, home-brewed cup of coffee, saving you the wait of heating an entire kettle for a single cup of coffee. 


Beautiful coffee experiences are built around deliciousness, but those experiences are bigger than what's in your cup. Like Fellow, Blue Bottle sees the morning ritual as all-encompassing, and they brought this approach to the table when designing the Stagg™ Mini Pour-Over Kettle.

"Many of the kettles out there seem to be designed to blend into the background of your kitchen. They're either very utilitarian or they have a very French-cafe feel," says Hanna. "We wanted to create something that was going to stand out, an angular, modern, contemporary style of design."

"We wanted something that was going to stand out," says Jake. "Beyond functionality, we wanted something that reflected our specialty coffee philosophy: Great coffee that comes with this wonderful experience where everything is tailored to your ritual and your cup of coffee. Taste, smell, how you hold it, how you see it, how it fits in your kitchen. This kettle has everything."