Is This Coffee Beautiful—to You?

Coffee Match brings Blue Bottle’s Quality Control from our cupping room to your kitchen.

Blue Bottle Coffee cupping

Introducing Coffee Match

While in the cupping room at our headquarters in Oakland, the Blue Bottle Quality Control team seeks to answer two questions. The first is complicated and technical, involving coffee-tasting charts and metrics: Does this coffee fit our standards? The second question is simpler, but much harder to answer: Is this coffee beautiful?

Though we have full confidence in the taste of our coffee experts, we know that not every coffee will be your favorite. That's why that second question, "Is this coffee beautiful?” comes with an addendum: “Is this coffee beautiful—to you?” 

To bring the expertise of our QC team to your cup, we created Coffee Match, an algorithm formulated by a team of coffee pros, engineers, and sensory scientists. Through Coffee Match, we invite you to take a short quiz and discover the coffees that best match your unique flavor preferences. Whether it’s single origin, espresso, or one of our dynamic blends, Coffee Match guides you to your coffee ideal.

If reconciling taste and analysis is an art, our QC team has it down to a science. Through cupping, they evaluate a coffee's quality, identifying its sweetness, body, acidity, flavor, and finish (you can find out more about this process in A Beginner's Guide to Coffee Tasting). Coffee Match brings that process to you in a simple, easy-to-follow quiz. Beauty, and deliciousness, is in the eye of the beholder, after all.