Marking One Year

Coffee is still a Muslim crop


Blue Bottle’s fifteenth year was more eventful than most. But as we prepare to release a stunning trio of coffees grown in one of the world’s first origins, we’re reminded of the things that remain unchanged—like the rich cultural history of Muslim thinkers, innovators, and coffee farmers that laid the foundation for what’s become a globally beloved drink.

Here’s another thing that won’t change: our commitment to supporting our staff, vendors, coffee growing partners, and guests who may continue to be affected by unjust executive actions designed to limit their rights and freedoms. We also remain committed to supporting nonprofits, from national organizations like the ACLU to the local programs we partner with for our Community Days, that seek to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities. 

As we await the Supreme Court's hearing of the latest version of the Executive Order banning travel from a list of predominantly Muslim countries later this year, we thank you for continuing to stand with us for what we know is right.