Our Cascara + Your Bottle of Bourbon

How to make your own Cascara Bourbon Fizz

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Introducing the Cascara Bourbon Fizz

Many coffee drinkers are already familiar with Bourbon, a cherished cultivar that was first encountered on an island off of Madagascar several hundred years ago. Pronounced boar-BONE, this mutation—known for the sweet, complex coffee it produces—can be found in some of our most beloved single origins and blends


The bourbon you'll need for your Cascara Bourbon Fizz is not that Bourbon. For this recipe, you'll need to dust off your whiskey of choice and get out your cocktail spoons (although a regular spoon and whiskey from your corner store will also do in a pinch). For ours, we use Lost Republic, located a short drive north from our Bay Area cafes.

How to Get Cascara Simple Syrup

You'll also need a simple syrup made from cascara, which is what we call the dried fruit that surrounds the coffee seed while it's on the tree. While cascara is often used to make tea, Blue Bottle's sweet, refreshing Cascara Fizz proves that this part of the coffee plant is just as delicious and versatile as the seed itself. 

You can make your own cascara simple syrup, or let Blue Bottle do it for you. Simply to come to one of our cafes, order a Cascara Fizz—hold the ice—and use it to prepare your Cascara Bourbon Fizz at home. 


Recipe: The Cascara Bourbon Fizz

Combine ingredients and give them a stir. Garnish with a lemon wedge and enjoy. 

5 parts = 1 serving

  • 1 part cascara syrup

  • 1 part bourbon or gin

  • 3 parts sparkling water

Mix Things Up

Delicious as it is, this cocktail is an excellent starting point for flavor exploration. 

  • Are your ice cubes perfect? A little cocktail advice from our Founder, James Freeman, goes a long way.  

  • Of all the gin recipes in all the towns in all the world, this one might be the most delicious. Substitute your favorite gin for bourbon in equal proportion, and bring a whole new flavor profile to this cocktail. 

  • Cafe trick: Order an Aida Palmer. Order a Cascara Fizz at one of our cafes, but ask your barista to substitute half of your sparkling water for our classic Lemonade.

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