Bright and Bold Cold Brew Cocktails

A Bright Negroni and a Bold Russian walk into a bar

Bright and Bold cold brew cans, at the ready

Bright and Bold cold brew cans, at the ready

Bright and Bold, our two quenchable new cold brew cans, hold such deliciously different flavors, we felt inspired to concoct two easy cocktails to match. From the inspired mind of our Director of Coffee Culture Michael Phillips: For Bright’s radiant fruit, a twist on the Negroni, and for Bold’s chocolate richness, a new take on a White Russian. 



The classic Negroni is a staple of hot Italian summers—and a personal favorite of ours. It holds the perfect balance of sweet and bitter and has won hearts for ages. Our twist plays up Bright’s citrus notes with the classic orange twist plus optional grapefruit bitters.




A White Russian made with Bold Cold Brew instead of coffee liqueur is like a cake iced with chocolate ganache instead of store-bought frosting.