Bright and Bold

Fruit or Chocolate: You Choose

Our organic two new cold brews span the coffee spectrum—with no added flavors.

Our organic two new cold brews span the coffee spectrum—with no added flavors.

While our two new cold brews serve as portable—and fully recyclable—gateways to caffeinated summer fun, below the surface, they’re each a portal onto the flavor magic possible in specialty coffee. 

Bright and Bold are each made from only organic coffee and water—but taste as alike as fresh fruit to dark chocolate. How do they land so far apart on the taste spectrum? As with all things in specialty coffee, that has everything to do with the beans and the roast.

Like Cliffs’ Notes to our coffee philosophy, Bright and Bold get at why we are so excited by what we do.


In our analogy, Bright is the fruit—specifically, the tart berry flavors possible in East African coffees, especially naturally processed Ethiopian beans. Naturally processed coffees are dried with trace amounts of the coffee cherry still on them, which infuses them with exceptional berry flavors. These candied flavor notes don’t always extract properly when cold-brewed; heat is sometimes required to coax them into the water. By tinkering with the combination of coffees, we landed on a kinetic yet silky-smooth cold brew. 


Bold is the chocolate in our comparison, particularly the baking cocoa and caramel notes possible in Central American beans. These we draw out with a heavier roast—about as dark as we get. The trick is to bring out those roasted notes without wiping out the body. Overheat coffee beans and the flavors go from deep to thin, even acrid, in moments. With Bold, our roasters walk the line.


There’s no wrong answer. Whether Bright or Bold, we like to think we’ve made each cold brew the best version of itself, like any ideal summer treat.