We're Open in Roppongi

One of Tokyo’s most boisterous neighborhoods


Legend has it that Roppongi—today one of Tokyo’s most boisterous neighborhoods—was named after six Japanese elms that once spread their canopies across the grassy land.

Today, in a place where businesses thrive in the daytime and revelers crowd the streets late into the night, our newest cafe will become a respite from the rush.

Just as every extrovert needs a quiet moment, this cafe strikes a balance—nestled in a back corner of the first floor of a high-rise, it opens onto a covered terrace with stone seats and a tranquil pond.

There are no cars. Just the foot traffic of passersby, perhaps on their way to visit the Dragon Light Temple, first built in the 14th century.

Our hope is that guests will stop in first to our new spot. Lured in, if not by the smell of coffee, then by the warmth of the linden wood interior.

All of our coffees, along with a few select items to eat, will be on hand. 

A sandwich made of six vegetables, in honor of Roppongi’s numerical origins, will satiate the hungers of any fatigued office worker, while a pour-over coffee will bolster the imagination of any young dreamer bent on a night of walking until dawn. 

Our Roppongi cafe is open every day, 8 am–8 pm.