We’re Open in Nakameguro

We’ve transformed the industrial building into a multi-faceted space for coffee and community.


Our new cafe in Nakameguro takes its cue from the neighborhood’s penchant for creativity and design. Housed in a former electrical-parts factory three-stories high and triangular in shape, we’ve transformed the industrial building into a multi-faceted space for coffee and community.  

Here, for the first time, we are creating a space that nurtures burgeoning coffee lovers and specialists alike. 

In addition to the first floor cafe, which offers pour over, espresso service, and pastries to go, Nakameguro has a tasting room and workshop, where baristas will be trained and coffee enthusiasts can join us for brew classes, talks, and cuppings. 

The tasting room is open to guests curious to sample coffees in barista-led sessions, or in pursuit of learning more about coffee. The workshop has standing space and seating for community gatherings and seminars on topics of coffee, creativity, or other subjects worthy of discussion. 

The first of these gatherings was a conversation between Jared Freedman, creative director of Citizens of Humanity, and James Freeman, founder of Blue Bottle Coffee, on the topic of creativity.

Designed by Schemata’s Jo Nagasaka, the building retains an industrial feel with concrete floors and high ceilings. Wood counters, soaring plants, and multilevel visibility add warmth. The open floor plan creates transparency and a dynamism that communicates to all that this is a place for delight and learning. 

The second and third floors house space for Blue Bottle Coffee teams from Japan and the U.S. to collaborate and exchange ideas.  

Nakameguro was not always the popular neighborhood that it is now. But ever since artists and designers began moving in a few decades ago, the area has become known as an artistic center and coveted residential area. The Meguro River meanders through and its high walls resemble an urban canal. Cherry trees line the river on both sides and explode into full blossom in the spring. 

Inside the cafe, soaring plants nurtured and grown under radiant light signal a different kind of growth—that of the baristas and coffee lovers who will gather and learn here for years to come. 

We hope you will be one of them.

Nakameguro is open every day, 8 am–7 pm, and is located at 3-23-16 Nakameguro Meguro-ku Tokyo 153-0061.