The Blue Bottle Coffee Can

We’re revolutionizing coffee freshness and sustainability, one can at a time


Our whole bean coffee is now in a retrofuturistic can. It’s online, at Whole Foods, and even on Amazon. What gives? Well, a little mystery is to be expected because these aren’t just any old cans. These cans are revolutionizing the way we think about coffee freshness and sustainability.

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

Fresher coffee is more delicious coffee. Oxygen is the no. 1 enemy of coffee freshness because it causes coffee to age and coffee flavors to degrade. So we developed a method of pressure-sealing our cans in an oxygen-free, freshness-locking, time-stopping “dome.” Part Buckminster Fuller, part 2001: Space Odyssey, this unique technology, invented by Blue Bottle, ensures that our whole bean coffee can remain at peak flavor for months, until the moment you open your can.


Reduce Your Coffee-Waste Footprint 


Because the coffee inside our cans stays fresher longer, we’re able to significantly reduce coffee waste at several points in the supply chain. At home, you can keep the cans in your cabinet without worrying about them going stale shortly after purchase. At the grocery store, we no longer have to insist that our beans be discarded after two weeks to ensure freshness. Less coffee waste means that we can honor our farmers, roasters, and the environment by not having to throw away coffee that required time, energy, and used natural resources to produce.

Recycle That Can

Our bags are compostable (minus the metal tie), but our cans and their caps are 100% recyclable. So, if you don’t live in an area with industrial composting, you can still feel good about your coffee packaging. (Plus the cans travel better than paper, are more useful on your countertop because they double as light-proof storage, and they make a more elegant gift, too.)

Coffee For Everyone


We believe that you shouldn’t have to live near a Blue Bottle cafe to have access to delicious coffee. Our cans make it possible for our coffee to exist in grocery stores across the country, because they can stay fresh on the shelf longer. Before we invented the can, bags of beans had to be discarded after two weeks to adhere our highest freshness standards. These cans bring Blue Bottle Coffee to more places. 

Your Burning Questions...


But Where’s the Roast Date?

There isn’t one, but there is a new “best by” date.

What Does the “Best By” Date Actually Mean?

The best-by date is six months from roast. We only package the coffee in our cans when it is at its peak, so it has already off-gassed the right amount and is, in our opinion, at its very best. When you open the can, there’s a pleasant “pop”—it’s Pavlovian.  

Once I Open the Can, How Long Does the Coffee Stay Fresh? 

Once opened, we recommend consuming the coffee within two weeks, preferably grinding it as you go.  

When Will the Cans Be Certified Organic?

The beans inside are organic, but we aren’t officially certified.

Is the Coffee from the Same Source as the Coffee Served in Blue Bottle Cafes? 

Yes. We source via direct trade with farmers and cooperatives that we know and trust. Many of the farmers with whom we work are like family to us now. We’re guided by ethical sourcing practices, and we always prioritize the well-being of the community of farmers responsible for our great coffees over the bottom line.

Can I Still Get Paper Coffee Bags in Your Cafes?

Yes, of course. We’re kind of attached to them, too. But we’d love it if you gave the cans a try. They might become your new favorite.