Your Guide to Better Coffee in 2019

Three steps to deliciousness in the New Year


It was Pablo Picasso who said, “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it," but we're here to tell you, friends, that it could just as easily have been you. 

Though some of our resolutions may have already fallen to the wayside, resolving to enjoy better coffee in 2019 is one of the easiest—and most rewarding—ways to ring in the New Year. 

Take a Class


Guided by one of our coffee experts, you'll master the art of pour-over coffee with our custom Dripper (it took us over a year to perfect!), tour one of our state-of-the-art roasting facilities, or learn how to properly cup coffee—a practice that anyone with tastebuds can benefit from. 

Get the Best Tools


It's truly miraculous that something as delicious as coffee can come from the ground-up seeds of a tropical fruit and some hot water. But as with anything worth enjoying, when it comes to coffee, you get more out of it when you pay more attention.

If the quality of your beans, the size of your grind, and the rate of your pour all contribute to the deliciousness of your cup, it stands to reason that the quality of your beans, your grinder, and your kettle all matter, too. 

Find Your Community


Coffee is best enjoyed among friends, and it's also best learned among them, too. Following Blue Bottle on Instagram is a good place to start connecting with people in the coffee community, but you're sure to find other coffee lovers in one of our cafes or at an event (we recommend our classes for dates with sweethearts and friends alike). 

Seek out coffee tinkerers, experimenters, and amateur chemists, and you'll never be lonely for coffee community.