5 Favorites: Moment’s Notice

Blue Bottle’s Matt Longwell on our new ready-to-pour coffee

Moment’s Notice is our new small-batch ready-to-pour coffee. It could not have launched without the instrumental efforts of Matt Longwell. Here he shares five reasons he loves the new blend, what he affectionately calls “MoNo.”

Matt Longwell | Associate Product Manager - Beverage and Equipment

Favorite way to brew coffee: Drip in all forms (pour over, Chemex, batch brew)

Matt Longwell, far right, celebrating the launch of Moment’s Notice with the cafe team at The Exchange in Boston

Matt Longwell, far right, celebrating the launch of Moment’s Notice with the cafe team at The Exchange in Boston

What are your 5 favorite things about Moment’s Notice?

1. It's Intentional

Since it’s our first ready-to-pour offering, we wanted to give our new small-batch machine brews the same care we give pour overs. This meant countless recipe revisions, a year of equipment R&D, and multiple panel tastings to align on the vision and final profile.

2. It’s Nostalgic Yet Modern

Blending Colombia and Uganda coffees, Moment’s Notice is equal parts nostalgic and progressive. It’s got dark chocolate notes and a dense, luxurious mouthfeel that will feel familiar to any coffee drinker. But there's an unexpected layer of candied lemon if you know to look for it.

3. It's Hospitable

I like to think of Moment’s Notice as a handshake to guests who are experiencing Blue Bottle for the first time—and a reliable standard for regulars on the go. Anyone who's worked in our cafes has received feedback from guests on wait time; it's an issue, and we need to solve for it. Quality takes time—in fact, it takes us about 7 minutes to brew each batch of Moment's Notice. But our innovative equipment allows us to treat brewing as another process like pour over, one that we can dial in. If we're on top of the process, our guests receive a product that's just as delicious, without the wait. This also gives baristas time to focus on other stations. It's been incredibly rewarding to launch a product that helps both our guests and teams.

4. The Inspiration

Moment's Notice shares its name with a track from John Coltrane's Blue Train album. Every time I drink a cup, the song starts playing in my head. The rhythm and tempo complements our busy cafes perfectly. Also, I love that we're promoting jazz. Few things are more satisfying to me than working in one of our cafes while Coltrane's playing.

5. The Process

This launch touched every department at Blue Bottle. We needed to ensure the needs of every team were met. We've learned so much from this launch; seeing the depth of care and passion that went into the Moment's Notice and our broader ready-to-pour category has been inspiring.

Read more about Moment’s Notice at Blue Bottle Coffee Lab and at Food & Wine. Or try it for yourself at select cafes: Rockefeller or Astor Place in New York; Sansome in San Francisco; and The Exchange in Boston.